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staffing solutions
staffing solutions

Why use a staffing agency:
We offer a “Test run” or “Try before you buy.”  For any reason, we can replace an employee and continue to do so until we find the employee that fits your needs best.  We understand that you will not discover all information needed about an applicant during an interview.  Therefore, we give you the opportunity to see them in action.

Also, we interview and process thousands of applicants.  Spotting red flags on resumes and weeding out unqualified applicants become much easier with experience. Therefore, we can quickly identify the right person for the right need.

Finally, we strive to lower your costs.  You will not have to incur any advertising and recruitment costs.  Furthermore, while the employee is working through us; we cover all payroll taxes, professional and general liability insurance, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, and benefits costs.

How do you screen your healthcare professionals?
All of our workers are employees, not contractors, who have been carefully screened.  Our extensive background checks may include: License Verification, OIG, Child Abuse Registry, EPLS and FBI fingerprinting.  Each applicant will be required to sit for a personal interview based on previous experience and future goals. We continue evaluating our healthcare professionals even after they are placed to ensure satisfactory performance and results.

Does Southern Healthcare offer assistance for recruitment of permanent staff?
Our recruiters are dedicated to helping you find the right healthcare professional to fulfill each and every one of your needs.  We will take the entire process of recruitment and let our skilled experts match your positions with qualified candidates.  Our efforts are a cost-effective and efficient way to manage your recruitment efforts.

What types of positions do you provide?
We provide healthcare professionals for every healthcare setting you may need.   A few examples are nurses, nursing assistants, medical assistants, phlebotomists, respiratory therapists, administrative staff, and much more.  Please contact our office to get a complete list of positions or email us at nursingadm@southernhealthcare.

Who is responsible for providing professional liability insurance to the temporary healthcare professionals?
We provide professional liability coverage to all of our healthcare professionals that will be working for us.

What kind of contract will I have to sign for Southern Healthcare services?
We would like for you to be able to choose the contract services that best fit your needs. We offer standard Per Diem, Temp-to-Hire, and Permanent Placement contracts.  However, we take pride in ourselves on being flexible and adjusting our services for a perfect fit. 

What is the first step I need to take if I have a staffing need?
Give one of our knowledgeable recruiters a call so that we can be thorough and get all the information needed to custom fit our staffing service to fit your needs.  Or feel free to request more information by sending an email to

How quick can you find a healthcare professional for my facility?
In most cases, we can provide healthcare professionals the same day of your request.  However, our success rate is higher the more notice you can give us.

How do you recruit your healthcare professionals?
Southern Healthcare uses several recruitment strategies to reach out to the healthcare professionals. Through Internet, advertisement in newspapers, the yellow pages, our website, and the many conferences that we attend, we are able to recruit healthcare professionals from the entire state of Mississippi. Because of our outstanding reputation in the healthcare community, most applicants hear about us through word of mouth.

Why use Southern Healthcare Agency?
We are Mississippi’s leader in healthcare staffing for nearly 20 years.  We offer the skill of experienced specialists in matching the right professional with the right position.  And thanks to our reputation and record of quality, we are able to recruit and draw the state’s top healthcare clinicians and professionals for a candidate pool that is unmatched in size and quality.


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