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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)-Harrisville-In-Home Care

Location: Harrisville, MS

Schedule: Saturday's and Sunday's

Job Description: In Home Care-Harrisville, MS

Diagnosis: Partial Seizure disorder, G-Tube dependent, history of aspiration, Spasticity, Sacral Pressure Ulcer (Stage 4), Congenital Quadriplegia, Spastic Quadriplegia, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Perforation of intestine, Ileostomy, Osteomyelitis of Sacrum- MSSA/Pseudomonas of Sacrum & Coccyx, Asthma, Non-verbal (very limited speech), Non-ambulatory, Contractures, Agitation, Mobility deficit, Speech deficit, DVT Iliac vein, Calyceal Diverticulum of Kidney, ALLERGIC TO BACTRIM- CAUSES SWELLING, RASH.

Care Needed: Requires assistance with all ADLs, Bilateral heel lifts to offload heels, Seizure precautions, Strict Aspiration precautions: Keep in 90 degree upright position for quality of life feedings, Give patient 1 small spoonful @ a time & encourage multiple swallows, mouth care 3 x per day, Ileostomy care: Change bag & Wafer Q 3 days & prn for seal, Empty bag 3 x day & prn to prevent spillage, Clean peristomal skin with NS & pat dry before placement of wafer on skin, 25mm Condom catheter- change daily & prn, Nebulizer treatments Q 6 hours or prn& chest percussion 3 x day or as needed, Monitor O2 sats daily, Vital signs daily, Daily bed bath, Hoyer lift to transfer patient from bed to w/c, Administer meds, Daily skin assessments & wound care for 2 decubitus ulcers, Wheelchair & Bed bound, Assist with transfers & repositioning. G-tube care: Clean insertion site with NS & gauze daily, apply fenestrated gauze over G-tube bumper, G-tube dependent for feedings & medications.

Medical Equipment: Condom catheters, Nebulizer & supplies, Wound Care supplies, Chest percussion vest, O2 sat monitor, Bilateral heel protectors/boots, Ileostomy supplies, Suction equipment & supplies, G-tube , G-tube feedings & G-tube supplies, Wheelchair van, Wheelchair, Hoyer lift, Bathing chair, Hospital bed, Wound vac & supplies

Please contact Amanda Peak for more information!

Job Requirements: LPN License, Background Check, American Heart CPR, TB Skin Test, High School Diploma

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Contact Information:
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