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about us

Here's what our Customers have to say...

All testimonials available in full upon request


“They’re very swift on filling staffing needs… professional, courteous, and very helpful with all duties requested.”   - Renee W.

“Every time we needed to talk over situations, your staff was pleasant and professional.” - Patricia P.

“Regardless of the time of my call (after 5pm), Southern Healthcare staff has been helpful, polite, and resourceful in finding the individual, taking messages, etc.  I would recommend your agency to anyone. Southern Healthcare has pulled together a very strong, talented team of resources, and it seems all the team is focused on the needs of MSH.”  - Jackie Y.

“Southern Healthcare is always very friendly and helpful.”  - Leann H.

“We had (SHA) sitters. They were great! I would use them anytime!”  - Claudette K.  

“SHA is always helpful to find us someone when we are in need of help in the clinic.”  -  Marion W.

“It’s always nice working with the staff.  They always take necessary action, if needed.  SHA always understands our needs and comes to our assistance as needed.”  - Carol J.

“I mostly interact with Jennifer S., and she is very professional and very attentive to my staffing needs.” - Jeanese K.

“I always enjoy talking to the ladies in staffing on the telephone or through email. They have been great attending to our staffing needs.” - Renee S.

“They were always good about finding a replacement when a regularly scheduled aide could not come in.”  - Max M.

“SHA is very helpful in understanding our department needs.”  - Sharon G.

“Excellent job scheduling and accommodating amended scheduling.  They took care of filing LTC documents for us.” - Cynthia D.
(I would recommend) “everyone with this company, including the nurse and all the others.” - Mary H.

“Your nurse listened and understood my medical needs. Your nurse even made a follow up visit to see if I was getting along alright!” - Imogene C.

“They have always sent employees to our office that fulfilled our needs. If we needed help at any time, I would call Southern Healthcare.” - Marsha S.

“Southern Healthcare provides staffing for our client, and they are very professional and easy to work with.” - Zahra H.

“Everyone is very responsive and timely with updates. Working with your staff is very enjoyable and makes my job much easier.  I’m extremely satisfied.” - Sandy M.

“Amanda always gets the job done!” - Sari B.

“We have been very satisfied with the services provided through your consultant.” - Janice J.

“I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer S. She was very informative and answered all questions concerning fees and helped in the process of transferring our temp into a permanent position within our department. We were so pleased with our temp from Southern healthcare that we hired her full-time!” - Sharon G.

“I have always enjoyed working with Kristen, Jennifer, and Mandy.” - Theresa C.

“Lots of appreciation for all!” - Elizabeth D.

“Staff always tries to be helpful and courteous.”  - Carl and Jan W.

“Southern staff is always dependable! We always have paperwork on time!” - Josephine A.

“Olive does a great job in handling clinical concerns.” - Josephine A.

“Felicia and June were a big help to our full time nurses. They came in and filed and reorganized our charts. Our nurses never had the time to take on this project, and these two got it done.” - Fredric G.

“We will be calling in the future if we need any more help!”  - Fredric G.

“Mary T. was excellent.” - Mary Ann P.

“Thanks for the good work!” - Janice W.

“The staff at Southern is always helpful and dependable when taking care of our needs.” - Donna W.

“Southern Healthcare staff is very polite in phone conversations.” - Marcia B.

“The staffing department has always been very helpful in meeting our staffing needs.” - Laura W.

“Anna and Debbie were very helpful when I needed some information.” - Gwen G.

“I can always depend on Anna and Kristen to help me. I am continually impressed with Southern.” - Robert B.

“They are always very pleasant and helpful.” - Susan F.

“The administrative staff was always very nice and helpful.” - Sharon B.

“We will use your services again in the future.” - Sharon B.

“Anytime there is a concern, the staff has been open and receptive to the issue.” - Dunnah P.

“Jennifer S. is always very accommodating. She is able to find temps for us on short notice if needed. She’s very pleasant to work with!” - Brenda B.

“We needed someone for the p.m. shift and called late afternoon and got someone right away.” - R. McGinty

“Excellent service with all aspects of the agency!” - Carol J.

“The service is always the best. Employees sent are always neat and have the skills required.” - Carol J.

“If they do not know the answer to a question, they find out and let us know quickly.” - Debbie D.

“SHA is always very competent and acts to comply and fulfill requests.” - Carol J.

“The staff always offers help and assistance in a customer-friendly manner!” - Jeffrey H.

“Jennifer was on top of things and returned calls and explained everything.” - Mary Lou G.

“We really like Pamela B.! She has been great to work with.” - Belinda M.

“Darla B. is an excellent employee and an asset to our clinic!”- Brenda B.

“Just keep doing what you are doing!” - John C.

“I have to call with short notice a lot of the time, and Valerie always has a great attitude and always finds me someone within a reasonable time.” - Michael P.

“Staff is extremely helpful.” - Mary Ann W.

“Valerie has been helpful throughout this entire process!” - Nina B


Testimonials Referring to Our Administrative Staff:


“They’re very prompt and helpful.” - James A.

“They’re helpful in every way and very efficient.” - Mary H.

“They always work hard to fill our needs.” - Kathy H.

“Excellent!” - Mary H.

“The administrative staff has always been very helpful, and they work hard to fill my needs.” - Kathy H.

"They are “always helpful, never short, and consistently nice.” - Debbie D.

“Very friendly!” - Katrina J.

“Great attitudes!”  - Jenous S.

“They are always pleasant and courteous, and a joy to work with.” - Alzatia J.

“Excellent and always ready to assist.”- Carol J.

“Very good to work with.” -Janice J.

“Professional and prompt with staffing needs.” - Sandra B.

“Always accommodating.” - Judy A.

“Always pleasant.”  - Sharon C.

"Southern Healthcare is “always able to keep steady.  We never had to worry about whether or not a nurse would show.” - Connie B.

“SHA always strives to accommodate our needs.” - Sharon B.

“Administration is always great to work with.” - Jennifer W.


Here’s what our Employees have to say…


“Lindsey, Hope, and Kristen are very considerate, understanding, and patient!” - Sherry C.

“Lillie always answers any question that is asked.  She also takes time to make sure you understand everything that you asked her before she hangs up. She’s also very polite with answering the phone and whatever question you have asked.”  - Unknown

“Hope N. is great and very helpful.” - Tammie L.

“This is a great establishment to work for!” - Sherese J.

“Hope is great with returning a phone call and/or an email response.” - Tiffany D.

“I love Southern Healthcare!!!” - Estrelita H.
(About Hope and Lillie) “These two ladies do a great job of reminding me of any credentials that will expire soon and both are equally friendly.  They’re just so helpful!”  - Minnie P.

“I would recommend Southern Healthcare to anyone worldwide.  You are the greatest agency I have ever known!” - Queen L.


Mon. - Fri. 8am to 4:30pm | Telephone 601.933.0037 | 301 New Pointe Drive, Ridgeland, MS 39157